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Alustretch GmbH, based in Vienna, has led the field in the design and manufacture of aluminium stretchers in Europe since 1990. Chris Ofili, Peter Doig, Herbert Brandl, Carsten Nicolai, Simon Ling and Lisa Ruyter are among the many artists from around the globe who regularly use Alustretch stretchers for their work.

Alustretch stretchers are bespoke to the needs of individual artists with a finely honed and easy-to-use design. Made from 80% recycled aluminium with a renewably sourced poplar ply inlay, all sizes of Alustretch stretchers are warp- and distortion- free, light, and easy to dismantle and reconstruct. Alustretch stretchers can be delivered stretched with any requested specification of fine linen or cotton duck un-stretched, or in kit form: all with very exact and adjustable tension.

Now available in the UK & Ireland, alustretch uk limited is a specialist company providing quality and service to artists. We are committed to meeting all your specific needs.